1.   Type the URL www.onlinesbi.com then
Click on State Bank Collect
2.  Click Check Box to proceed for payment. Click on Proceed.
State Bank Collect web Page opens.
3.   Select State and Type of Corporate / Institution
  • Select West Bengal from the dropdown list for State Of Corporate / Institution.
  • Select Educational Institutions from the dropdown list.
  • Click on Go. A new web page opens.
4. Select Educational Institutions Name:
  • Select PURUSHOTTAM BHAGCHANDKA ACADEMIC SCHOOL from the dropdown list for
    Education Institution's Name
  • Click on Submit.
5. Select FEES from the dropdown list for Select Payment Category.
6. Fill up the Fees book details in the new web page that opens. In the Remarks field, enter the
respective month name for which you are paying the fees and click on Submit.
7. Click on Confirm.

8. Select the Payment Option and Proceed.